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Here are just a few of the choices you have with adoption:

• There are dozens of parents you can choose from. There are all kinds of families who are ready to adopt.

• When you’ve chosen a family, you can email, talk on the phone, or even meet them before your baby is born!

• You can decide how things go at the hospital. You can see and hold your baby. You can even name your baby!

• You can keep in touch with the adoptive family after the adoption. You can share letters and pictures, phone calls, or even visits. It’s your choice!

• You can make plans for your future, with the peace of mind that you provided your baby with the life you wanted her to have.

It takes courage to be honest with yourself and to ask for help. You can find out more about how adoption works by getting your FREE copy of the short book, So I Was Thinking About Adoption…download your free copy by visiting