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Getting the best prenatal care early in your pregnancy need will make a difference in your quality of your delivery and afterwards. A pre-natal vitamin and a balanced, healthy diet will help you keep strong. Plus, your emotions and hormones are less likely to take over when you have been eating properly. That means getting information from your doctor. If it is suggested that you take an iron supplement, make sure to do so. Read about how to keep healthy from this book about pregnancy, for women considering adoption. There is a chapter titled “Taking Care of You” in the book So I Was Thinking About Adoption…Considering Your Choices. You can download a free copy at

Pre-natal vitamins are wonderful for your nails and hair. I know a number of women that take them long after giving birth to strengthen these two areas. If you need help finding a doctor, call the Pregnancy Help Online hotline at 1-800-923-6784.