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A Letter from Jason & Andrea

Hola, howdy, and thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  We currently live in Virginia and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.  We are an active family and love to spend time outside. We are excited to continue to grow our family and welcome a second child into our home through adoption.  We are open to as much contact with us as you prefer.

About us

We met in high school and have been married for almost 20 years! We both chose to serve in the US Army, with Jason retiring a few years ago and Andrea continuing to serve.  Our careers have taken us all over the world, but we will always call Texas home. Both of our families live in the same town, and we travel home as much as we are able to visit.

We love to:
-watch movies
-go out to eat,
-working out together
-spend time with our family and friends

We always knew adoption would be part of our family story.  After struggling with infertility for many years, we moved forward with our adoption plans. We were blessed to be at the hospital the day our son Xavier was born. We have an open adoption with Xavier’s birth mom and communicate with her regularly.

Meet Jason (by Andrea)

Jason is a patient and humble man who leads our family with love and grace. His devotion to our family, our faith, and service to our great nation are the most endearing qualities about him. It has made my heart smile as I’ve watched Jason become a spectacular father to Xavier. Jason is also a skilled master of the grill and loves to improve his BBQ recipes. A few years ago, Jason began to work as a football referee for youth leagues as a hobby and now serves as a college referee during football season. Jason is a loving and caring father and husband and I am excited to continue to grow our family with him through adoption. He looks forward to teaching your child how to swim, ride a bike, and how to cook delicious food!

Meet Andrea (by Jason)

Andrea is a loving and passionate wife and mother whose ambition to build a career while fully dedicating herself to our family amazes me daily. She is a woman of strong faith who provides a safe, nurturing, and fun home to our son. There is no limit to the time or energy Andrea will dedicate to better a situation for a person in need, let alone her family. She is passionate about her volunteer work to improve the lives of those in need and she has taught Xavier the importance of giving back to our community. I have loved watching Andrea parent our son and I know she is elated to grow our family once more. Andrea looks forward to teaching your child how to play soccer, how to bake, y como hablar y leer en español!

Our Son and Family

Xavier is a sweet, energetic boy who loves to play and chat with his friends and family. He is fearless and has quite a sense of adventure. He is learning about God and loves to lead the family in prayer at bedtime. He is so excited to be a big brother and politely prays for a sibling every night.  Xavier looks forward to sharing his love for Lego, running, and climbing with a new sibling!

We often read books about adoption with Xavier. His favorite is Tell Me Again About The Day I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis.  He loves to hear his story and ask questions.

Our home in Virginia

We own a beautiful two story 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a cul-de-sac in a quiet and family friendly neighborhood.  We already have a bedroom ready for your baby!  We have a fully finished basement that is currently serving as our son’s playroom and a nice backyard with a swing set.

We are surrounded by neighbors with young children.  Our local elementary is one block from our home and is the place where all of the neighborhood children play, even when school isn’t in session.  We have multiple parks nearby that have trains, playgrounds, hiking trails, and places for nice family picnics.

Our Promise to You

We promise to raise your child in a loving, fun-filled home surrounded by family and friends. We look forward to welcoming another child into our home and are excited to share our love for family, friends, sports, and the outdoors with them. We promise to fill their world with adventure, family fun, plenty of love, and laughter. We look forward to meeting you and want to involve you in the life of your child as much as you prefer.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jason & Andrea

  Jason Andrea
Our EducationBachelor of Arts in EconomicsMaster of Science in National Security Strategy
Our ProfessionsMilitary Retired, Stay at home dad, part time football official on the weekendsMilitary
Our Racial BackgroundHispanicHispanic
Some of Jason & Andrea's Favorites
MovieComing to AmericaWizard of OZ
FoodTexas Style BBQTex-Mex
Sweet IndulgenceWalnut BrowniesThin Mint blizzard
HobbyWatching almost any type of sporting event. Football is my favorite!Working out
Family ActivityJumping on hotel beds when ever we travel.Movie night
I want to teach a child toSwim and ride a bikePlay soccer and speak Spanish
More About Our Family
Top things we love

- sharing our faith with our son
- listening and playing music
- traveling all over the world
- watching sports

Our Extended Family

Our extended families live in the same part of Texas. We try hard to get home for special events, holidays, and vacations. Xavier’s grandparents love to call him most evenings to hear about his day. Our families are ecstatic that we are adopting again and look forward to sharing our family traditions- like spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together- with a new family member.

Our Dog

Our dog, Scout is 19 years old! He loves to spend time with us outside and joins in from time to time when we are kicking the soccer ball around. He also loves to take naps, join us on family walks, and help Xavier finish his food.

Fun Facts about Us

- Andrea once got Jason to eat grasshoppers in Japan
- Jason once got Andrea to jump out of an airplane
- We've visited 22 US States
- We are all left-handed

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old


We would love to welcome twins!



Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our family. We promise to raise your child with love and a strong sense of Christ in a fun and nurturing home. We hope to speak to you soon!

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