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A Letter from Jamie & Tracy

We are an outgoing family of five that enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle on the waters of our bayside home. We are blessed that Jamie is such an engaging father and provides a financially secure life for our family. Tracy loves being a stay at home mom and is excited to welcome your child into our fun family adventures!

We have felt a strong calling to adopt for years. To us, adoption is the joining of two families whose deepest desire is to give a child the best life possible. We are SO excited to pursue our dream of completing our family through adoption!

About Us

We have been happily married for 9 years! Living at the beach, we enjoy every moment in and around water- often spending our time swimming, paddle boarding, taking our boat out on the water or simply enjoying the beautiful view from our dock. We love trying new things together such as rollerblading, skiing, rock climbing or eating at the newest restaurant in town. We look forward to the day that our family can share these special experiences with your child!

We are SO excited to welcome your child into our strong and nurturing family. Our children are excited to meet their sibling and to share with them a sibling bond that will last a lifetime!

My Husband, Jamie

Jamie is the perfect combination of smart and funny. He is the family jokester and our rock! Jamie is a very affectionate and hands-on dad. He frequently rearranges his work schedule so he can participate in our children’s extracurricular activities such as soccer and basketball.

He is fiercely loyal and completely devoted to our family. Jamie is athletic and enjoys a variety of water sports. He is excited to teach your child how to swim so they can enjoy all the fun activities that beach life has to offer!

My Wife, Tracy

Tracy is the kindest, most patient and compassionate person you will ever meet! She is a strong female role model who is the foundation of our happy home. Before settling down to follow her dreams of being a mom, Tracy was a Flight Attendant. She has a passion for travel and is always planning our next vacation! She is so excited to share our love of adventure and travel with your child.

Tracy enjoys volunteering for a charity that provides care packages for babies at our local hospital. I am so proud of her for teaching our children the importance of helping others.

Our Beach House in Maryland

We live in an amazing beach town that was voted one of the safest cities in America, as well as the Coolest Small Town in America.

Summers are spent at the beach, on the boardwalk or boating. The kids love walking out to our dock and taking a ride on our boat or sitting on the end of daddy’s paddleboard.

Our waterfront home is large enough to offer your child their own room. We already have a welcoming nursery ready for your child’s arrival!

Our Loving Family

We have three wonderful children that are excited to meet their new sibling! Josslyn, 7, is our very caring big sister. She loves school and going to dance class! James, 5, teaches acceptance and kindness to everyone he meets. He loves to swim and play soccer! Jayda, 3, is the life of the party! She is happiest when she’s with her siblings and loves music!

Family means everything to us! Monday night dinner is always spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Every Friday, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop have dinner at our home. Both sets of grandparents are excited to welcome your child into the family and spoil them!

Every summer we take a big family vacation with over 30 people! We’ve been on Cruises, to Disney World, Bahamas, and a Dude Ranch in Wyoming, just to name a few. We make cheesy matching family t-shirts and memories that last a lifetime.

Our Promise

We promise that your child will grow up in a nurturing and adventurous home that provides them with both financial and emotional security. Your child will grow up with a large and supportive family, with siblings who are close in age. It’s impossible to feel bored or lonely in our family! We promise to respect and honor your wishes for your adoption journey.

We’d feel honored to welcome your precious baby into our Happy Home!

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jamie & Tracy

  Jamie Tracy
Our EducationMasters Degree in Business AdministrationBachelors Degree in Business
Our ProfessionsBusiness OwnerStay at home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jamie & Tracy's Favorites
Favorite book?Purpose Driven LifePositive Parenting
Favorite type of music?CountryReggae
Favorite sport?Football. Go Redskins!Field Hockey, especially my former college team!
Favorite vacation spot?Where we live!Disney Cruise!
Favorite thing to do together on a date?Boat to our favorite waterfront restaurant.Rollerblading to our local ice cream stand.
Favorite family activity?Boardwalk and rides!Beach Day!
Favorite part of my day?Coming home from work to a house full of love and excitement.The peaceful moment when our children first wake up and want extra morning snuggles.
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Our favorite special interest is learning about new cultures when we travel. This gives our family a great appreciation and respect for many different types of people.

We truly love trying new things. Jamie started skateboarding since he loved doing it as a child. Tracy recently took a trip with her sister and tried whitewater canoeing.

We also enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like taking a family walk around the neighborhood or cooking the kid’s favorite pancake breakfast together in the morning.

Our Faith

We strive to put God first and live a life that is pleasing to Christ.

We love our church! It is the most accepting and welcoming environment! Our family volunteered at our church to feed the homeless.

Jamie has such a friendly and energetic personality that he volunteers on the welcoming committee at our church.

Our favorite pastor and his wife are fierce advocates for adoption, they adopted both of their beautiful children.

Our Children

We truly believe that siblings are the best gift a child can have. We raise our children to view each other as best friends forever! Our children are BEYOND excited to meet their new brother or sister!

We thought it’d be fun to share with you our children’s current favorite toy, to give you a glimpse of their different interests. Josslyn loves anything arts and crafts. James is very into his puzzles. Jayda’s favorite toy is a children’s drum set.

We consider it the highest privilege to be entrusted with the care of a child.

We live in the state of...

Maryland is one of the best states to live in!

We are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons. Our state is rich in diverse landscapes. There are beautiful mountains that our family takes ski trips to in the winter. We spend countless summer days enjoying Maryland’s beautiful beaches and ocean.

We are in very close proximity to many other top US cities. We can take a quick day trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia or New York City.

Our Neighborhood

Our family can often be found playing at one of our neighborhood’s many playgrounds or taking swimming lessons at the local pool. Your child will love having play dates with the neighborhood children.

Our neighborhood puts on the best celebrations for each Holiday. Our children’s favorite event is the annual Halloween Costume Contest!


We believe it is very important to nurture the mind, body, and soul.

All of our children already have funds set aside for their education, including the baby that is meant to complete our family through Adoption. We will provide your child with the opportunity to attend college or pursue an educational path they are passionate about.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 6 months





Ethnicity of Child

We would welcome a child of any race into our hearts and home.

Future Contact With Birth FamilyWe would love to keep in contact and are very open to letters, pictures, phone calls and visits to whatever degree the birth family may desire.
In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and for considering us to be your child's parents. Our hearts and home are beyond ready to welcome a baby, of any race or gender, into a lifetime of unconditional love and strong family support! We’d like to close by speaking kind words over you: May you be filled with loving-kindness. May you be well. May you be at peace. May you be happy. If you’d like to learn more about our family please call or text Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784. We hope to hear from you soon!

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