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A Letter from Daniel & Karin

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our profile. We are a family of three filled with love and laughter. As a family, we enjoy playing Star Wars legos, board games, and going to Disney whenever possible. We promise that your child will grow up knowing that you, us, and God love them so very deeply and with a never-ending, never giving up, always and forever love.  Our family is comfortable with whatever level of communication you would prefer, and hope to encourage and love you as we all walk through life together. We are praying for you and hope to hear from you soon.

Our Story

We met at a Christian ministry in college and later served as missionaries in Moscow for a few years, where we got to know each other better. Upon returning to the USA, we worked at the same campus ministry, began dating, and got married shortly after. During Karin’s first pregnancy she was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness, putting her at great risk with any subsequent pregnancies. Our son Gideon was born as a micro-preemie but is now healthy and so excited to welcome his new sibling to the family! We enjoy traveling, going to Disney, and playing imaginative games as a family. We are excited to welcome your child into all of our family fun!

About Karin, by Dan

Karin exemplifies what it is to be kind and creative. No matter what kind of day she’s had, she constantly thinks of others before she thinks of herself. Her patience and heart for service challenge me to be a better person as well. Karin loves baking, writing in her journal, singing, and going to dinner with her close-knit group of mom friends.  Karin is always ready with a kiss and a hug from Gideon and is so ready to share our days with our next child.  She is excited to teach them how to bake, read, and share with them her love of writing.

About Dan, by Karin

Dan is my favorite person on Earth! He brings out my true sense of humor and has us laughing all the time. He makes me think deeply and pushes me to be a better person, and mother. He loves doing home improvement projects, playing golf, and spending time as a family.
Dan loves those around him through serving and making clear that he cares not just with words but with actions.  He always finds time to make our bed, or wash dishes: such simple, but beautiful ways to show that he cares. He loves to play wrestling and sword fighting with our son, and I know he’s excited to share these games and his heart of service with our next child.

About our son, Gideon

Gideon, our 7-year-old son, loves chicken nuggets, french fries, and lemonade. He enjoys playing sword fights with his dad, playing puppy pile with Kody (our dog), and legos (especially Star Wars). Gid is going into the 2nd grade and loves Math and Science, but no writing please.

He has a few good friends in our neighborhood and around town, and we make a yearly trip to visit one of his best friends wherever their military family currently lives. He is so excited to share his favorite things with your child and to be their best friend!


Our Home in New Mexico

We live at the top of a hill at the end of a cul-de-sac. Our neighbors are all kind and there are lots of young kids that play hide and seek and ride bikes together. Our home is a one-story with 4 beautiful bedrooms. Our favorite place in our house is our large family room because it is comfortable, and has two french doors leading to our beautiful backyard.
We all love our backyard, with the roses and desert flowers in bloom, and the vine-covered patio area. We always seem to be updating it, and hope to add a lemon tree next year!

Our Promise

We believe that a promise should have weight; that the promise should be something that one knows, without a doubt, that they can fulfill. In our family, we never say “we promise” unless we KNOW we can do it.

We promise that your child will always know how much you, us, and God love them. Their life will be filled with laughter, education, support, and plenty of family time. We promise to teach them about God, and the love of Jesus. We will always seek to put their mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health as a priority, and encourage them to be all that God has for them to be. We are excited to share letters, pictures, stories and regular visits and look forward to getting to know you.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Daniel & Karin

  Daniel Karin
Our EducationMA in EE and Intercultrual StudiesBA in Anthropology
Our ProfessionsNetwork Engineer Stay at Home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian/HispanicCaucasian
Some of Daniel & Karin's Favorites
MovieThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)The Big Year
Vacation SpotDisney WorldDisney World, or Greece
Children's BookThe Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Pigeon finds a Hot Dog
HobbiesGolf, Home Improvement Projects, TennisWriting, Long Walks, Reading
Thing About New MexicoThe CultureSunsets and the people
Family Activity Playing a game togetherWalking together
More About Our Family
Our Faith

We are Bible-believing Christians. We've both spent several years overseas as missionaries, sharing the joy and Truth about Jesus and the gospel.

A Few Holiday Traditions

New Year's Eve: Two words....GAME NIGHT!
Easter: We attend Church, and then we do an egg hunt throughout the house and back yard. We do not hold back on hiding those eggs.
Birthdays: We each get to pick a cake flavor/design and Karin makes it. Last year's birthdays included cinnamon rolls, and a rainbow cake. Oddly, Karin doesn't really like cake and usually asks for pie
4th of July: We either visit family for the holiday, or drive to a special look out in our town and watch the fireworks
Halloween: The last few years, we've dressed in costume and done a candy hunt in the house. Hopefully we'll get to trick or treat this year! We then order Mexican food from a local place (for Dan & Karin), and a jack-o-lantern shaped pizza (for Gid). We sit down to eat and watch the Pixar film, Coco
Thanksgiving: Grandma hosts the whole family, and we drive with a side or desert and spend time with family we don't see often enough
Christmas: We have homemade cinnamon rolls, read the Christmas story from the Bible, and then open gifts at home. Then we drive to Grandma's and do gift exchange and time with extended family.

Our Musical Interest

Karin played the clarinet for 10 years from Middle School through most of college. We both have participated in church choirs during Christmas time. Karin's family is VERY musically inclined, with her father being a music minister at most every church they attended.
Our musical tastes range from pop to contemporary Christian, from classical to coffee house. We also know the words to most any Disney song.

About Our Extended Family

Dan is an only child, while Karin has 4 siblings and we are grateful to say we get along great with both of our sets of parents. We visit grandparents in East and West Texas as often as possible. All the grandchildren in our families are loved from all around the world, as we have friends and family all across the US and overseas. Most of our family lives in TX, CA, SC, or NY, and we always enjoy visiting them when we can! They are all so excited for our adoption and we know that every one of them will love your child with all their hearts.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 5 years old


We would love twins!


Either gender

Sibling Group

We are open to siblings groups with the oldest up to 5 years old.

In Closing

Your child will grow up in a home where they will learn about how deeply you, us, and God loves them. A safe place where bedtime includes cuddles and songs/stories, and where imagination and joy overflow. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope to talk with you soon, and to share our love, hope, and joy!

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