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A Letter from Chris & Angie

Hi there! We would love to share a snapshot of our life to help you get to know us. We have been married for five years and both feel that each year is the best year. We are best friends and each other’s biggest fan. We love life and are passionate about serving God and helping others through our work and personal life. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and are now so excited to grow our family through adoption. Thank you for considering us as parents for your child!

About Us

We treasure our time together! We regularly enjoy CrossFit, hanging out with kids at youth group, hiking and appreciating the scenery in Oregon, walks with our golden retriever, Riggins, golfing and cheering on the Portland Trail Blazers together, traveling, and trying new foods. Where can you find the best doughnut and slice of pizza around? We know! We both love entertaining and hosting friends in our home. We look forward to going to church on Sunday mornings as a family, planning our first family camping trip, and making memories at the lake each summer.

Meet my husband Chris

Chris has the best sense of humor! He is also a hard worker, quick-witted, laid back, patient, gentle, and loving. He enjoys playing basketball and golf, podcasts and comedy shows, watching sports and rooting for the Trail Blazers and Seahawks, working out and hiking. He can never pass up trying out a new food cart or going to his favorite wings spot. Kids are drawn to him and he enjoys building relationships with them by coaching baseball and being a youth pastor at the church. I love his playful spirit and watching him with our nieces- giving shoulder rides and starting tickle wars. I am excited to see him as a dad and know he is looking forward to sharing his love for sports, playing catch, and saying prayers before bed.

Meet my wife Angie

Angie is selfless, compassionate, hard-working, and super fun! She has the perfect mix of a tender heart and a fiery, independent spirit. She is always up for an adventure and loves being active- running, snowboarding, hiking, exercising, and she even just learned to wakeboard. Her work and faith have led her to invest in students through mentoring and she truly loves it. She also loves to bake, craft and decorate our home, host events, and feed people because she feels the best relationships are built around the table. Angie commits to everything with a positive attitude and without holding back. She will be a great mom and I know she is excited to read bedtime stories and teach our child to bake, swim, and explore the world around them!

Our Family

We consider ourselves so lucky to have amazing, supportive parents who live close and have been married over 35+ years. Angie has a sister who’s married with two boys and Chris has a sister who’s married with three girls. We love our niece and nephew times! Angie’s family loves to play games and travel together. Chris’ family spends time at grandma’s cabin relaxing together. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together, full of traditions including hiking to cut down the perfect tree each Christmas, gingerbread house decorating, and attending the Christmas Eve service together at church. They are all thrilled to be on this journey with us!

Our Faith and Friends

Our faith is the most important thing to us. We are active in our church, attend regularly, and host a small group at our house. These people have become more than just friends, they’re like family. We will consistently teach and live out the values and truths from the Bible: how to respect, love and serve others, and to know God personally.

Our Home in Oregon

We live in a smaller suburb in Oregon with just a short drive to get to the city, mountain slopes, and the coast. We have a 3 bedroom home with a great, fenced backyard and large deck lit up with “happy lights.” We love sitting out, grilling, and enjoying the evenings with friends and family. Our neighborhood is very safe with walking trails, two parks, and an open field for lots of play and fun!

Our Promise

We promise to love your child more than anything else in the world and to provide them with a home full of laughter, adventure, and God. We promise to provide experiences that will allow them to explore and dream big for their future. We promise to be present, engaged parents and will put the needs of your child above our own. We promise to teach Christian values, pray for them, and pray with them. We are open to letters, photos, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chris & Angie

  Chris Angie
Our EducationBachelor in Biblical LiteratureDoctorate of Physical Therapy
Our ProfessionsAssociate Pastor - Student MinistriesCollege Professor and Physical Therapist
Stay-At-HomeNoPart - Time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Angie's Favorites
Favorite FoodsToo many... pizza, fried chicken sandwiches, and fish tacos Mexican food, taco trucks, spicy salsa, chips and guacamole
Favorite HobbiesPlaying basketball, baseball, or golf. BBQs with friends. Hiking with Angie and our golden retriever.All things active - running, cross-fit, hiking. Hosting and cooking for friends and family. Reading and coffee.
Favorite Vacation TogetherCancun, MXSan Diego or Seattle, I love exploring new cities with Chris!
Favorite MovieRocky, Game Night, Field of DreamsThe Intern, Father of the Bride, The Holiday
Favorite TraditionChristmas Eve crab pot dinner with all the family.Christmas tree hunting and cutting with friends and decorating for Christmas. Baking with my mom.
Favorite DessertBen and Jerry's Tonight Dough Ice CreamRhubarb Pie
What we are excited to teach our child...The love of Jesus and to play catch.To take those first steps, to swim, to bike, to explore.
More About Our Family
More on Our Life and Interests

On Saturdays, we love to prioritize 4 things: family time, rest, good food, and exercise. It may be Crossfit, a run, or something else but we know it always ends and begins with us cooking together or trying out a new food that Chris has read about. We love visiting food carts because our dog can come too.
Sometimes we stay in and enjoy reading and coffee, go out to see a new movie, have a BBQ with friends, or head over to visit our families. These nights are full of catching up, playing games, campfires with smores, ping pong, and time to play with our nieces.

Travel Memories

We love to travel and have enjoyed exploring new cities together, Seattle and San Diego, and relaxing beach time in Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Cancun. Grandma’s cabin is on a lake and it is one of our favorite places to be and visit family. It’s a restful week of family time. This is where Chris proposed and each year we hike back to the spot where it all started. We get to slow down – live in our swimsuits and on our paddle board and kayak, go tubing on the lake, play pickleball, watch the sunsets, and usually end the night taking the boat in to get ice cream at the best little shop around! Our favorite part is sleeping on the dock, watching the stars, and being woken up by our nieces each morning.


We both love December – the month we were married. We’ve started “Christmas Palooza” each year with our best friends. It’s a day packed full of hiking to find the perfect tree, cutting it down, warming ourselves back up with coffee and a fire, and starting the decorating for our favorite season. Angie loves to get together with her family to bake Christmas cookies to share with neighbors and friends. Chris’ family crab pot dinner on Christmas Eve is a delicious mess where hot, steamy seafood is poured into the center of the table and we all dive in to enjoy everything from crab legs, scallops, and more. Grandma T also makes a personalized stocking for each grandchild to treasure.

Over Spring Break each year, we go to an orphanage in Mexico. Chris leads the high school mission trip where we get to play with the kids at the orphanage, work on maintaining the facilities, and sometimes build a house.

Memorial Day weekend is for church family camp at the beach. This includes camping and crabbing with friends, walks on the beach, worship and great teaching from the Bible, and classes for the kids to attend where they learn values in the Bible and truth about Jesus. We look forward to sharing these experiences and traditions, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Dog and Neighborhood

We have a five-year-old golden retriever named Riggins who is the sweetest dog around! He’s so good with our three nieces allowing them to climb and snuggle all they want, while willingly cleaning up after them if any spills might happen. He goes with us on hikes and we love evening walks around our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is very safe with walking trails, two parks, and an open field for lots of play and fun! We also are within a mile from great schools and the church and university where Chris and I work. We are so excited for family walks and whiffle ball tournaments in the summer!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 months old


Absolutely yes!



Ethnicity of ChildAny
Future Contact with Birth Family

Yes. We are open to sharing pictures letters and visits to whatever degree you are most comfortable with.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us for your child. We are so excited for this part of our life to start! We will love your baby unconditionally, teach them to be kind, provide life experiences, listen to them, and encourage them in their education and to follow their dreams. We care about you, your story, and will always tell your child of the gift you gave us. We hope to hear from you soon!

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